How to Transfer a Camper Title in Texas

by Patti Richards
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Transferring a camper title in Texas documents the sale of the vehicle from one individual to another. This means the seller is no longer responsible for the camper in terms of parking tickets or other violations. Before selling a camper in Texas you should consider providing a vehicle history report on the camper. This ensures the buyer that the seller is not misrepresenting the camper.

Step 1

Sign the back of the camper title and date it if you are the seller of the camper. Include the sales price somewhere on the back of the title. Give the title to the new owner. If you are the buyer of the camper, have the seller provide you with the signed title.

Step 2

Provide the buyer with your latest registration receipts and an Application for Texas Certification of Title that has your name on it in print. Make sure the application is signed and dated.

Step 3

Enter the first lien date on the camper onto the application if such a lien exists. Make sure to include the name of the lien holder and the address. Your address should also be on the application.

Step 4

Accompany the buyer to the county tax office to submit the application. This will ensure the application is submitted in a timely fashion and that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle.

Step 5

Pay the taxes on the camper at the county tax office if you are the buyer. These include the standard presumptive value if you are purchasing your camper from an individual. If you are buying from a dealer you will pay the sales tax. You will also pay the title transfer fee, the registration fee and any local fees required. Be sure to take your proof on insurance to show at the tax office. The state will not process your application without proof of insurance.

Step 6

Complete a Vehicle Transfer Notification Form and submit to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles if you are the seller. This notifies the DMV that you have sold a vehicle. The date of sale is then recorded. This protects the seller if the buyer fails to transfer the title in a timely manner. This form must be submitted within 30 days of the sale to remove your liability.

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