What Paperwork Do I Need to Sell My Travel Trailer?

by Christopher Raines
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Travel trailers are treated like cars and trucks when it comes to proof of ownership. The documents you need when you sell one allow your buyer to obtain title. Before you finalize the deal, contact your state's department or registry of motor vehicles to learn the requirements.

Reporting the Sale

The bill of sale operates as your buyer's proof of purchase. Generally, you identify the make, year, body style and vehicle identification number; your sale price, and the addresses of you and the buyer. Several states provide forms for the bill of sale. For example, in Michigan, it's form TR-207. In many states, you can download the forms from the department of motor vehicles.

Passing the Title

You'll need your certificate of title to assign title, unless your state does not require it. In Connecticut, trailers weighing 3,000 pounds or less are exempt. You and the buyer sign the assignment of title section. A power of attorney signed by the owner is required to sell on her behalf. If the owner has died, you'll need an order appointing you executor or administrator of the estate. In Alabama, an affidavit indicating the owner's death will suffice if probate is not required.

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