How to Register a Vehicle With No Title in Nevada

by Christina Riopelle
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The State of Nevada requires the buyer to possess a "properly signed-off title to register the vehicle and transfer ownership." This protects the buyer from unwittingly purchasing a stolen vehicle. If the vehicle is less than 10 years old, and the seller has lost the title paperwork, the seller must apply for a duplicate, or copy, of the title through the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. Only the owner of record may sell the vehicle. If another party gave the seller the vehicle, but the ownership transfer was not recorded, permission from the prior owner must be sought.

Step 1

Apply for a duplicate title. The seller must visit the local branch of the DMV with a state-issued photo ID, and the vehicle's proof of registration. If the vehicle has unregistered status, which applies to vehicles that are not driven and are stored, the DMV requires the VIN. Find the VIN on the dash plate of the car. If the DMV verifies the seller as the "owner of record," they will receive a duplicate title.

Step 2

Provide the seller with your name and address. The seller fills out the transfer area of the title, which requires your name and contact information, as well as the odometer reading of the vehicle. The state requires the mileage to be recorded on the transferred title for vehicles nine years old or newer.

Step 3

Print a bill of sale from the DMV website or request one from the local branch. Ask for form VP104.

Step 4

Draw up the bill of sale. Fill out your information for the buyer's section. Allow the seller to fill in the seller portion. The Bill of Sale records not only the identification of the parties, but the VIN of the vehicle.

Step 5

Return to the DMV with the duplicate title, Bill of Sale, your state-issued ID and proof of insurance to register your new purchase in your name.

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