How to Check Points on a California License

by Catherine Chase
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The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) uses a points system. Traffic or safety infractions incur points. For example, if you drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you incur two points on your license, according to the California DMV Driver Handbook. Each incident stays on your record for a minimum of 36 months. Drivers who incur four points within a 12-month period will lose their driver's license. Request your driver's record to check how many points you have on your California license. You may obtain the record with a DMV office visit or by mail.

Office Visit

Step 1

Visit the California DMV's website to make an appointment. Go to the Appointment System section and click on "Office visit appointment."

Step 2

Select the office closest to you from the list. Click on "1 item" and "Apply for, replace or renew." Fill in your name and contact information in the appropriate slots and click "Submit" to receive your appointment time.

Step 3

Go to your appointment at the designated time. Ask the representative for a copy of your DMV record.

Step 4

Fill out form INF 1125. Provide your full name, address, birth date and driver's license number. Check the box for "Driver License/ID Record." Sign and date the form.

Give the form to the DMV representative, show him your driver's license and pay the fee. The fee is $5, as of 2010, and it is payable in cash, check, debit card or money order. California DMV branches do not accept credit cards.

By Mail

Step 1

Go to the California DMV's website to request your driver's record electronically if it is inconvenient for you to visit a branch.

Step 2

Download, print and fill out form INF 1125.

Step 3

Enclose the completed and signed form and the $5 fee in an envelope. Pay the fee by check or money order and make it payable to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Mail the envelope to the Department of Motor Vehicles, Office of Information Services, Public Operations Unit G199, P.O. Box 944247, Sacramento, California 94244-2470.

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