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How to Interpret MVR Violation Codes

by Lynndee Marooney

Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) contain a minimum of the previous three years driving record. MVR's are used by insurance companies and employers in the process of establishing employment or insurance rates. States use the information in the MVR to keep track of your violations and can suspend or revoke your driving privileges if you incur multiple or specific violations. MVR reports use both number and letter codes for the infractions listed on the report. Reading your MVR report can be difficult if you don't understand the codes.


Contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). You can call or visit in person. Ask the representative for either a website address or handout of how to decipher the MVR codes listed on your report. Each state has a report that varies and has specific information on how to read the report.


Read the handout or visit the website address and print the instructions. Highlight the codes you see on your MVR report.


Make a copy of your MVR report and write notes next to the entries on the copy so you can remember what the entry is for. Keep the original copy free of notes.


Visit View the .pdf file with basic MVR codes. Your state's MVR report may be similar and contain the same codes. This, however, should not be used in place of your state's system for MVR codes and reports.


  • Contact your DMV office if you find any errors on your MVR. The staff can instruct you about how to dispute any incorrect information.

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