How to Read My Ford Ranger Check Engine Light Code

by Rose Haining

If your Ford Ranger is having a service problem, the engine warning light will let you know virtually immediately. The Check Engine light is located on the lower left side below the dashboard. It is the first of four square red lights. This warning light will come on (and stay on) when the Electronic Engine Control system (EEC) is not working properly. The EEC is the computer that controls the engine's operation. The light turns on briefly when you start the ignition, but quickly turns off when the engine starts.

Things you'll need to know

Step 1

The Check Engine warning light indicates a possible problem with one of the engine's emission control systems.

Step 2

If the light turns on and stays on while driving, have the car serviced as soon as possible.

Step 3

If the light does not turn on briefly upon start-up, also have the car serviced soon.

Step 4

If the light turns on and off while driving, the condition has cleared itself.

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