How to Add a Spouse to an Auto Title in New Jersey

by Jamie Lisse
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If you have car that is titled to you in New Jersey and you get married, you may want to add your spouse to that vehicle title. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission processes all changes to vehicle titles at their facility locations throughout the state. In order to make any type of name change on an auto title in New Jersey, you have to transfer the car title. This applies even if your name is staying on the title and you are just adding a name.

Step 1

Gather your ID and your spouse's identification documents so that you can meet the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission's 6 Point ID Verification requirements. The 6 Point ID Verification Document Selector website can help you make sure your documents will be valid. You will need proof of address, a social security card and a primary and secondary ID.

Step 2

Find your closest New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission facility location by using the MVC Facility Locations website.

Step 3

Take your current New Jersey auto title, your spouse and your identification documents to the MVC facility location. Present everything to the clerk and request to add your spouse to the title. You will need to fill out the title transfer paperwork so that a new title can be issued with both of your names on it. You can only get the title transfer form in-person. As of June 2010, the fee is $85 if the vehicle is financed and $60 if not financed.

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