How to Obtain a Transporter License Plate in New York

by Ginger Kelly
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If you plan to purchase a vehicle in New York State from a private party, you will need to be able to legally get the vehicle home until you are able to register it. New York does not offer temporary vehicle registration. Instead, you will need to obtain a transporter license plate, otherwise known as interstate in-transit permit if you plan to move your vehicle within New York, or an intra-state permit, if you plan to move your vehicle outside of New York.

Step 1

Get insurance on the vehicle that you need to get an in-transit permit for. You will need a valid insurance card as evidence of your insurance policy. If your insurance company is from another state, you can use a copy of your insurance binder or provide a letter on the insurance broker's letterhead that contains your insurance policy information.

Step 2

Obtain a New York State in-transit permit application, also known as Form MV-82. You can visit the DMV website and print out form MV-82 (see References) from your home computer. Print and fill out the form completely and accurately.

Step 3

Visit your local New York State Department of Motor Vehicles office during regular business hours. Locate your local DMV by calling 212-645-5550. Use a vehicle that is road-legal to prevent getting a ticket while driving to the DMV.

Step 4

Provide all of the required documentation to the DMV representative. This includes your identification, proof of purchase and sales tax payment, proof of insurance, application, proof of ownership and $12.50 processing fee. When your documents have been reviewed, you will receive your in-transit permit.

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