How to Make a BMW Dealer Complaint

by Taylor DiVicoUpdated May 30, 2018
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Items you will need

  • VIN

  • Phone

  • Internet access

BMW oversees the operations of independent dealerships, offering a consumer complaint department for dissatisfied customers. BMW car owners are responsible for alerting the BMW complaint department to create communication between corporate BMW and the specific dealership that is causing the issue. Making a formal written complaint and calling BMW covers an owner's bases, leading to a solution.

Gather your vehicle information, such as the VIN and model. Call the BMW dealership that you are experiencing problems with, and ask to speak with the manager. Give him your vehicle information, and tell him the concerns you are having with the dealership. If the manager can resolve the issue, it will save you the effort of having to continue the complaint process.

Email BMW of North America (BMWNA) through the main BMW website if the dealership manager cannot resolve your issue. Write a formal complaint, describing your concerns in the email, and provide your VIN, contact information and the name of the local dealership.

Write a letter detailing the same information that was included in your email in Step 2. Find the company's up-to-date mailing address on the BMWNA website, and send the letter to the address by certified mail. This will guarantee that BMW will receive a written form of your complaint, potentially resulting in a timely solution.

Find the phone number for the complaint department on the BMWNA website. Call the number, and notify the complaint department that you have sent them a certified letter and email regarding an unresolved issue with your local dealership. Give specific details about the problem, and request that BMWNA contact the dealership and rectify the situation.

Follow up with BMWNA and your local dealership to make sure they are in contact with each other and are resolving your problem. Consider contacting the Better Business Bureau if BMW does not address and resolve your complaint.

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