How to File a Complaint With Ford Motor Company

by Charin Deya
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Today's car manufacturers follow rigid manufacturing guidelines that conform to strict quality control and safety regulations. However, sometimes problems slip through the cracks or you may be the victim of poor customer service. These or other circumstances might necessitate contacting the manufacturer to lodge a complaint. Ford Motor Company has a specific procedure you can follow should you wish to express your concerns.

Step 1

Contact the salesperson or service adviser you normally deal with at your Ford dealership and express your concerns.

Step 2

Contact the sales manager or service manager at the dealership if you are still not satisfied.

Step 3

Contact Ford Motor Company directly if your concern has not been resolved at the dealership level. Go to the company's website,, and select "Contact Ford" at the bottom of the first page. This will provide you with a list of contact options including phone, mail and email.

Step 4

Finally, if your concerns have still not been satisfied, send a letter directly to an officer or a member of the board of directors. Find these contact names by going to Ford's website, clicking on "Investor Relations" and choosing "Annual Report." In the table of contents you will find a page that lists the officers and board members.

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