How to Replace a Key for a Lexus

by Peyton Brookes
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Lexus luxury automobiles are developed with a high level of security, including engine immobilizers. According to Lexus, an engine immobilizer acts as an anti-theft system, preventing a vehicle from starting without the correct key. A Lexus ignition key has a transponder chip inside that transmits a code to the engine computer. The code must match the code programmed into the immobilizer. As a result, replacing a Lexus key requires contacting your local Lexus dealer or a high-security locksmith.

Contact a Lexus Dealer

Step 1

Record your vehicle identification number (VIN). Typically, the VIN is located on the dashboard under the windshield. The number will be on a small metallic plate and will include 17 characters. The unique number identifies your vehicle.

Step 2

Collect proof of ownership. Locate your vehicle registration or title, and your driver's license. You will need the information to prove you own the vehicle.

Contact your Lexus dealer. Review telephone listings for a local dealer or visit and enter your zip code in the "Find a Dealer" box and hit "Enter" on your keyboard. Call the dealer and arrange to have your key replaced.

Contact a Locksmith

Step 1

Locate a high-security locksmith. Visit the Associated Locksmiths of America ( Lexus recommends this association for finding professional locksmiths who can replace your Lexus key. Click "Locksmith Search" in the upper right corner of the navigation window. On the search screen, check the "Automotive" check box and enter your zip code.

Step 2

Contact the locksmith. Call the locksmith of your choosing and explain your situation. Make sure you inform the locksmith you need a high-security-services key replacement. Find out what information you will need to provide. They will likely request your driver's license and proof of Lexus ownership.

Arrange an appointment. Make an appointment and find out the total cost of the service.

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