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How Can I Replace a Lost Chrysler Key?

by Tiffany Raiford

You've lost the keys to your Chrysler vehicle. Rest assured that whatever the model and year of your car, a replacement key can be obtained. Depending on the model year, you might have a micro computer chip in your key fob, which means your new key will have to be programmed. Fortunately, Chrysler dealerships and professional locksmiths routinely handle key programming.

Step 1

Contact your local Chrysler dealership or a professional locksmith. Explain that you've lost your keys and need to acquire a replacement.

Step 2

Write down the vehicle identification number of your Chrysler. The VIN is inside your driver's door frame, underneath the driver's side windshield and on your title, registration and purchase paperwork.

Go to your Chrysler dealership or locksmith's office. Provide them with the VIN number, year and model of your vehicle. If your key has a computer chip in the fob, your local dealer and locksmith can determine what it is based on the VIN. Wait while your new key is created and pay the fee for the replacement.

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