How to Replace Headlight Bulbs on a Endeavor

by Alibaster Smith
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The Endeavor is a crossover SUV offered by Mitsubishi. The Endeavor's headlights, like those in virtually any consumer automobile, are subject to fail. When a filament in your Endeavor's headlight bulb breaks, you'll need to replace the bulb as soon as possible. Failure to replace a failed bulb immediately will impair your nighttime driving and could cause a car accident or get you a ticket for improper equipment. Replacement headlight bulbs are available from auto parts retailers. However, each aftermarket bulb manufacturer uses a different part number. You might need to have a store clerk help you locate the part number for the bulb you need based on the year your Endeavor was manufactured.

Step 1

Open the hood of your Endeavor and unplug the electrical connector from the back of the headlight.

Step 2

Pull the protective cover off the back of the headlight housing assembly.

Step 3

Turn the headlight bulb counterclockwise to unlock it from the housing assembly and pull it out of the housing.

Step 4

Insert a new bulb into the headlight housing assembly and turn it clockwise to lock it into the housing.

Step 5

Replace the housing cover and plug in the electrical connector.

Step 6

Turn on the Endeavor's headlight s to make sure the new bulb works, and close the hood.

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