How to Adjust Headlights on a Toyota Cruiser

by Alibaster Smith

Adjusting the headlights on a Toyota Cruiser is necessary to make sure that you aren't blinding oncoming drivers, but are also able to see the road ahead of you while you are driving at night. The headlights on the Cruiser are two-way adjustable. This means that there is a horizontal as well as a vertical adjustment screw. The two-way adjustment feature provides maximum control over the headlight beam of your Cruiser.

Step 1

Park the Cruiser facing a wall or other flat wall/object, about 15 feet away from the wall.

Step 2

With the masking tape, make a "+" on the wall or flat surface that corresponds with the center-most point on the headlight housing. You may need to use measuring tape to find the center to the housing and to mark the correct position on the wall for the masking tape.

Step 3

Turn the headlights on.

Step 4

Use the horizontal screw located on the inside edge of the housing (toward the center of the Cruiser) and the vertical adjustment screw located on the top of the headlight housing to adjust the headlight beam until the beam is centered on the "+" on the wall.

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