How to Adjust the Headlight on My Mercury Sable

by Matt Scheer

Mercury Sable headlights offer adjustments on both vertical and lateral planes. Two adjustment screws control each dimension, screws that are readily accessible without removing any weather covers or rubber boots, as is often the case with other vehicles. After changing the headlight assembly it may be necessary to adjust the headlights, or after 12 months of use. The good news is that aiming the headlights won't take but a few minutes. The most difficult part is measuring out the exact distance you need to properly aim the headlights.

Step 1

Park your Mercury Sable 25 feet away from a garage door or another flat vertical surface and turn off the engine. Measure the distance with a tape measure and ensure that the headlights are 25 feet away from the target. When you are done, remember to turn off the headlights.

Step 2

Turn on your headlights and prop open the hood.

Step 3

Twist the top adjustment screw clockwise and counterclockwise to aim the vertical dimension of the beam. Twist the inner adjustment screw -- on the side of the headlight facing the engine compartment -- to aim the lateral dimension of the beam.

Step 4

Adjust the beams until they overlap about 50 percent and hit directly where the wall or other vertical surface the Mercury Sable is facing touches the ground.

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