Car Rally Scavenger Hunt Ideas

by Filonia LeChat
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Scavenger hunts are fun, exciting group activities that you can tailor to your organization's theme. As few as two people can enjoy a hunt, but it works very well with a large group. The event can take place over a couple of hours or more than a few days. For a group of car enthusiasts, a scavenger hunt can be a very entertaining way to bond over a love of cars, while sharing the thrill of the game, spending time with friends and having a few laughs.

Custom Hats

Get rally scavenger hunt participants in the game with a custom hat designed with your group’s logo or special message. Custom hats are a fun, fairly inexpensive way to show team spirit. Visit one of the many product customization websites that make it easy to create personalized items; upload an image of the group or select from the site's stock artwork of a special car. You can personalize the hats with the group’s name or make different hats for each scavenger hunt team. Memorialize the scavenger hunt by printing the date and place across the back of the hat, such as “Hawaii Hot Rods, July 6, Scavenger Hunt 11!” in a bright bold font. Hats come in a variety of colors and are sold in quantities as little as one. They’re also a good reminder of sun care for hunt participants who will be riding in open-top cars or spending a lot of time outside during the game.

Digital Photos

While many scavenger hunt list items are actual things that hunters can bring back to the meeting spot, you can also have a digital scavenger hunt. Arm each team with a digital camera and a list of photos they must capture; the group with the most photos wins. Add car-themed photo challenges into the mix, such as seeing how many members of a team can cram into the trunk of the car (leaving it open for safety), requesting a photo of a pink antique vehicle, an image of an out-of-state license plate or members of the team performing some kind of maintenance on a car, like pumping gas or cleaning the windows. Mixing digital bounty with real scavenger hunt items can lead to more creativity and laughs for the team. You can then use the photos on the group’s web site, marketing materials or just share them for entertainment.

Chocolate Car Treats

Appeal to rally participants’ hunger and sweet teeth with prizes of car-shaped chocolates. Easy to make with simple plastic molds sold at craft stores, as well as specialty baking and cooking supply shops, you can make car-shaped chocolates in the likeness of one special vehicle or an assortment of cars to suit all participants. Melt chocolate (mini-chips and baking squares work well) in the microwave, then pour it into plastic molds with cavities in the shapes of cars. A few minutes in the refrigerator sets the chocolate, which you can then pop out and bag up as gifts or set out to refuel the team members as they return with hunt items. Many varieties of molds are available, from hot rods and muscle cars to SUVs and limousines. Search online for the greatest selection of chocolate molds, including a specialty car that has sentimental value to the rally group.

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