What to Do With Old Car Parts

by Wirnani Garner

If you have old car parts taking up needed space in your garage, there are various options you can take advantage of, such as recycling them, having your municipality or local junkyard pick them up or selling them. These three options are most common figuring out what to do with old car parts. Your choices will depend on the facilities that are available in your area.


There may be facilities available in your area where you can take old car parts and recycle them. Check in your local phone directory or on the Internet. Some facilities will pick up the articles, while others require you to bring them in yourself.

When you take old car parts to the recycling plant, they will be cleaned of and dirt and debris and be melted down. This metal then is made into other items. This allows the base metals to be reused in other products, such as steel beams or perhaps even other car parts.

Junk Collections and Junkyards

Some cities or towns have special trash collection days, when workers will pick up items that are not everyday materials. The municipality usually organizes these. You can call your city to find out when these days are scheduled.

The junkyard also may come and collect old car parts from you. Because car parts often are recyclable or reusable, the junkyard in some cases offers money for them. In the case that nothing profitable can be done with the parts, the company will deposit them into the most appropriate place.

Parts Dealers

If you have old car parts that are in reasonably good shape, you have the option of selling them. There are businesses that buy them to repair or rebuild cars; some even simply collect old car parts as a hobby, depending on the car's make.

This is a good chance to regain some of the money you spent on the car. You can search for these dealers locally or online. Each operates in a different way, so before committing to anyone, get a few estimates first. If you have a well-known make or model of a vehicle, you also can search for classified ads from individuals who are looking for those parts.

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