How to Find an Auto Part Number

by Michael G. Sanchez
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In order to find a part number for your vehicle, you just need to know a few key pieces of information: year, make and model. If your particular car or truck came with more than one engine option, you will also need to know your engine size. With this data in hand, just head to the counter at your local auto parts store or dealership service department. The counter attendant will be able to use this data to look up the part number you need.

OEM vs. Aftermarket

When it comes to buying replacement parts for you vehicle, you have two choices: OEM or aftermarket. OEM stands for "original equipment manufacturer." OEM parts are available at your dealership. They are the exact same parts that were originally installed in your vehicle at the factory. Aftermarket parts are designed to work with your car or truck, but were made by a third party. Aftermarket parts are available from any auto repair or auto supply store, as well as countless online retailers. Typically, aftermarket parts are less expensive than OEM parts.

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