How to Export a Car From Canada to Europe

by Mark Ivanko

Shipping a vehicle from Canada to Europe can be fairly easily to extremely complex, depending on which country in Europe you are shipping your vehicle to, as each country has its own rules and regulations for importing a vehicle. Getting the right Customs broker and shipping company are two crucial choices that will assure a seamless shipping process; it will also guarantee that you meet the destination country's local rules and regulations concerning the specifications on your automobile. Research and preparation should be on your to-do list before exporting your car to Europe.

Step 1

Find out what country in Europe the vehicle will be going to. Different countries have different restrictions, regulations and taxes regarding cars being imported. Check local importing and VAT taxes, if applicable. Your might have to pay nearly twice the amount the car is worth to export your vehicle to certain countries.

Step 2

Get yourself a Customs broker that is familiar with the rules and regulations of the country you are shipping your vehicle to. The paperwork can get pretty overwhelming and having a Customs broker who is familiar with that country's laws can be invaluable.

Step 3

Find a reliable and insured shipping company to handle all of the logistics of your vehicle. Make sure that they are reputable, and try to see if anyone has used them in the past. You might also want to check with your Customs broker to see if he can recommend you a shipping company that he's dealt with in the past.

Step 4

Check to make sure that the vehicle you are exporting will not lose any warranty that it has left when shipped into Europe. Most vehicles will lose any remaining warranty once the vehicle has left the country that it was built for.

Step 5

Check with the manufacturer of your car to make sure that parts and technicians are available in the country where you are exporting your car.

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