How to Ship a Car to China

by James Green
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The market for cars in China is booming. The variety of cars available in China, however, is small. You may, therefore, wish to ship a car to China for either reselling it to those interested in the specialty car market or for your own personal use. Although the Chinese government levies strict regulations on the importing of cars, the procedures for shipping are not complicated.

Step 1

Consult the services of a shipping company that specializes in the transport of cars. These shipping companies will provide you with two options: shipping individually or as part of a larger consignment with other cars. The latter option is often cheaper but slower.

Step 2

Abide by the regulations concerning the export of cars in your home country. Vehicles need to be inspected, and the fuel tank of your car must be empty. Documents that prove ownership must be submitted to your local customs office.

Step 3

Abide by the regulations set forth by Chinese customs. Often, a second inspection is required for your vehicle that checks for safety issues. Cars older than 20 years old cannot be imported into the People's Republic of China.

Step 4

Abide by the local regulations regarding car ownership in China. All new cars must be registered with their new owners and must display license plates that are specific to each province. Registration in the larger cities is typically more expensive than rural areas.

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