How to Drop the Gas Tank on a Dodge Truck

by Gregory Crews
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Troubleshooting your Dodge truck for poor acceleration or stalling may lead to a faulty fuel pump. If you have replaced the fuel filter and your troubleshooting shows that the fuel pump is the culprit, it will be time to remove and replace the fuel pump. The hardest part about replacing the fuel pump is taking down the fuel tank. The fuel tank is held on by two large straps and there are several hoses and wires running into it. Removal of the tank is time consuming but not complicated.

Remove the Fuel Tank

Step 1

Open the hood to expose the engine compartment. Disconnect the battery to prevent electrical shock.

Step 2

Set the parking brake and chock the back wheel. This will prevent the truck from rolling while pulling the tank.

Step 3

Locate the fuel tank underneath the truck. The tank will be located toward the back of the truck.

Step 4

Drain the fuel from the gas tank. Locate the drain plug and turn it counterclockwise with a crescent wrench. Ensure you have a drain pan underneath to catch the fuel draining from the tank. Close the drain plug when the tank is drained.

Step 5

Place a jack underneath the tank to provide stability when you remove the straps. The tank will require support to ensure that the wires are not torn when the tank is loose.

Step 6

Loosen the straps by locating the bolts on both ends of the straps. Remove the bolts until the straps come off the frame rail. Place the straps and bolts aside. Ensure when you loosen the last bolts that the tank is supported evenly on the jack.

Step 7

Remove the fuel inlet hose on the back. Unscrew the hose clamp with a flathead screwdriver. Pull the hose off the piping of the fuel tank.

Step 8

Unsnap the wires by pulling them from the harness. They will unsnap by pulling the tab on the connector and pulling straight out.

Step 9

Pull the fuel line off by unsnapping it at the quick connector. The tabs come off, similar to the wiring harness.

Step 10

Detach any other lines from the tank. There will be a breather line running into the tank. This line can be pulled off with your fingers.

Step 11

Lower the jack to drop the tank. Pull the tank away from the truck.

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