How to Tell If Your GM Vehicle Has a Warranty

by Jen Davis

If you have recently purchased a General Motors vehicle and it is having a problem, you may be wondering if your truck has a warranty that will cover repairs. There are several different places your vehicle could have a warranty from. You may have purchased a warranty from the individual car dealership where you purchased your vehicle, or it may still be under GM's standard warranty.

Step 1

Review all of your purchase paperwork. If you have a warranty for your GM vehicle, there should be information about that warranty somewhere in the paperwork you received when you bought the car from the dealership. You may have even had the option to purchase an additional warranty when you purchased the car, so look through all paperwork and read the terms and conditions thoroughly.

Step 2

Contact the dealership where you purchased your vehicle and inquire about the records of your purchase if you no longer have your original paperwork on hand. The dealership where you purchased your vehicle should have a record of whether or not the car was sold to you with a warranty.

Step 3

Contact General Motors directly. You will need to provide them with your car's VIN number, which is located in several different locations on the car, including on the dashboard. GM will be able to tell you if your car is still covered by any kind of factory warranty.

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