How to Transfer a Title to Family Members in Illinois

by Eric Cedric

An automobile title transfer between family members in Illinois is handled in the same way as any title transfer with the exception that the tax fee is a set amount versus a sliding rate. The title transfer turns ownership of the auto over to another family member. Title transfers are handled through the Illinois Secretary of State offices. Options for the transfer include going to a branch office of the Secretary of State or mailing the required forms and fees to the main branch.

Step 1

Obtain copies of the VSD-190 title transfer form and the RUT-50 tax form. Fill out both completely. Forms are available at Secretary of State offices or may be requested over the phone by calling 800-252-8980.

Step 2

Record the current odometer reading on the odometer line of the title. The current owner should sign the title and have the family member sign the form as the new owner. Make sure the Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) matches the VIN on the car. VIN information can be found on the inside driver door.

Step 3

Go to a Secretary of State office in person to handle the required paperwork. You can also mail the completed forms, signed title, $15 tax fee (as of April 2011) and the $95 title transfer fee (as of April 2011) to the Secretary of State, Vehicle Services Department, 501 S. Second St., Room 014, Springfield, IL 62756.

Step 4

Receive the new title. Store the title in a safe location somewhere that is not in the vehicle itself.

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