How Long Does it Take to Get a Title From a New Car Dealer?

by Christina Riopelle
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When a dealership facilitates a vehicle purchase, the buyer does not need to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles to transfer the vehicle title. All paperwork is handled by the selling dealer. Only sales between private parties require a trip to the DMV.

Cash Purchases

When a buyer pays cash for a new car, the title takes up to 20 business days to process, according to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Time may vary by state and the backlog at the agencies involved. The title lists you as the owner of the vehicle.

Financed Vehicles

Expect a copy of the paper title within approximately 45 days for a financed vehicle. The car is registered to the car owner, but is titled to the bank or financing company administering the loan. You do not receive a title in your name until the loan obligation is complete. After the final payment, the financing company transfers the title to your name.


Leave the dealership with receipt of registration and a copy of the title application. Drivers receive a penalty for driving an untitled vehicle. Proper documentation prevents unnecessary fines and impounding.

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