How to Make an In-Transit Permit

by Raphael Garcia
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In-transit permits are important documents used during the purchase of a car. If a car buyer wants to purchase a car located in another state, an in-transit permit is used to allow for the car's relocation between the current owner and the buyer. While you are not able to make your own permit, you must use the in-transit permits created by the state DMV offices during the transportation of your new car. The in-transit permit allows for a driver to operate a car that is not currently registered with the department of motor vehicles or other state department.

Step 1

Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles within the area where you purchase the car. For example, if you currently live in New Jersey and buying a car from New York, contact the DMV of New York to pick up the in-transit permit.

Step 2

Obtain the in-transit permit from the local DMV. To complete this form, you need a valid driver's license, proof of residency in the state you will transport the car, proof of insurance, the title of the car as proof of the sale from the current owner and temporary license plates. States also require a fee to complete this form, for example California requires a $60 payment upon time of application.

Step 3

Complete the in-transit paperwork while in the DMV offices. The office officials will be on hand to answer any questions needed to ensure that you are completing the paperwork correctly during the first time. You want to be sure to avoid errors because they may force you to have to redo the paperwork.

Step 4

Contact the DMV of the area in which you will be living with the car. Inquire about the in-transit permit process to ensure that you have all the correct documentation needed during the transportation of your new vehicle. States may have different laws and you need to make sure you stay within those regulations.

Step 5

Keep the in-transit permit, new car title and your auto insurance information together during the transportation of the new vehicle.

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