How to Get a Copy of a Vehicle Title in CT

by Tom Streissguth
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If you're a Connecticut auto owner who needs a copy of your title, the state has a straightforward application process. There is a form to submit and a fee to pay, and if the DMV has a lien on file, you'll need to submit a copy of a lien release. The entire operation can be done at a DMV office or through the mail.

Who Can Request a Duplicate Title

Motor vehicle titles can go astray, and if you intend on selling the vehicle, the absence of a legal title will pose a problem. To obtain a copy of your car's title, Connecticut requires that you are the owner, a legal representative of the owner, or a lien holder such as a bank or auto finance company on record with the DMV.

Replacement Application and Lien Release

The first step in the process is to complete an Application for Replacement Certificate of Title, also known as Form H-6B. You can pick up the form at a DMV office or have it mailed out by completing an online request form. If the original title showed a lien holder on record, you must also file a lien release in the form of a letter on company stationary from the lien holder. If the sale of the vehicle is pending and you don't want to wait for a replacement, you can assign ownership to a buyer on the form under Ownership Transfer in Absence of Title.

Older Vehicles and Lien Releases

In case you can't furnish a lien release, and the lien is at least 10 years old, then you'll have to file a Motor Vehicle Ownership Affidavit. This one-page form requires information on your purchase of the vehicle, the status of any liens to the best of your knowledge, a description of the vehicle along with the vehicle identification number, and a signature and date. The DMV won't issue a replacement without a lien release, meaning any loans on the vehicle must be paid in full.

Service Locations and Fees

As of publication, Connecticut requires a $25 processing fee for the issuance of a replacement title. You can visit one of the DMV's eight hub offices or five limited service offices for this service. Alternatively, send the form by mail to the Department of Motor Vehicles, Title Unit, 60 State Street, Wethersfield, CT 06161. According to the agency's website, these mailed requests take about 15 working days to process.

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