How to Transfer the Title of a Motorcycle

by Brooke Pierce

There are procedures that you need to follow when transferring the title of your motorcycle to a new owner. Provide all of the necessary documents as required by the laws of your state. The motor vehicles agency in your state will help you legally transfer the title.

Gather the required documents.

The title of the motorcycle is crucial, as it shows you as the owner and will be used during the transfer. You need a bill of sale of the motorcycle and also a photo ID. You can use a generic bill of sale for this purpose in some states, but not all, so check with your motor vehicles agency for specifics.

Complete the details on the title.

You and the buyer are required to fill in the information at the back of the motorcycle title. Include your addresses and names. Remember to sign the title. You should also have the lien holder sign if applicable.


Make sure the buyer signs all the required documents.

Provide the odometer reading.

You must provide the mileage information of the motorcycle depending on your state. If the motorcycle is less than 10 years old, provide the mileage as it reads on the odometer -- the buyer must verify mileage reading. If a smog certificate is required, provide it; it should be no more than 90 days old.

Provide a bill of sale.

The bill of sale will contain various details that you are required to fill in on the title transfer. Provide the vehicle identification number, sale price of the motorcycle and model. Print your name and address on the bill of sale. The buyer is required to do the same. You and the buyer will then sign the bill of sale.


The original bill of sale will be left with the buyer; make a copy for yourself for your records.

Visit the motor vehicles agency.

Visit the motor vehicle agency website before you visit the [ motor vehicle agency website ]earest office. Accompany the buyer to your state’s department of motor vehicles. Provide the bill of sale, certificate of title and a photo ID. The fees required during the transfer process vary from state to state. After the documents are processed, they will be sent to the buyer. Some of the procedures discussed previously may vary from state to state, as each state has different regulations.

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