How to Make a Chevy Crew Cab Back Seat Lay Down

by Johnathan Cronk

Chevrolet offers an extended crew cab in its line of pickup trucks, like the Silverado. The extended crew cab gives the vehicle an entire back row of seating, ideal for a family. The crew cab back seat can fold down to give more storage room. Folding down the back seat requires unlocking the seat by pulling a release strap. It's important to learn how to fold the seat to ensure proper storage capacity if needed.

Step 1

Turn the engine off and engage the parking brake. This will ensure that the truck doesn't move while you're putting the back seat down.

Step 2

Unbuckle any safety belts and allow them to retract to their normal positions. This will prevent damage to the safety belts and the seat.

Step 3

Pull the release strap under the seat cushion while pushing the cushion of the seat rearward. The seat will fold down and lock into place.

Step 4

Pull up on the seat cushion to ensure it properly locked. The seat is now securely folded down.

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