How to Remove the Seat From a Dodge Dakota

by Russell Wood
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The Dodge Dakota is in the minority in the truck world, being a mid-size pickup with a V8 engine. These trucks are popular, but depending on the model, the seats can be fairly uncomfortable. If you want to remove the seats to install aftermarket seats or maybe just new carpet, the old seats can come out, but it will take some heavy lifting and the help of an assistant to get the job done.

Step 1

Reach underneath the seat to locate the four bolts that hold it in place. In the case of a bench seat, there are four on the driver's side of the seat and four on the passenger side. With bucket seats, the center console may be riveted to the individual bucket seats. Unbolt the seat or seats from the floor using the 3/8-inch ratchet and socket.

Step 2

Tilt the seat or seats backward to locate the wiring connected to the seat belts. Disconnect the harnesses with your hands.

Step 3

Open the doors. Place your assistant on one side of the seat, with you on the other. Lift the seat out through the passenger side door, with either you or your assistant walking through the cab of the truck while carrying the seat. In the case of a single bucket seat, hold the seat by the headrest and the base of the seat and carry it out by lifting with your legs.

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