How to Waterproof Your Automobile Seats

by Sarah Davis

Water can wreck a car seat, cause the upholstery to sour and even form mildew if left wet. It's a good idea to waterproof your automobile seats to extend the life of the fabric or leather. This will prevent your seats from being ruined if a window is left open when it rains.

Clean the leather or fabric seats that will be waterproofed with a soft cloth or brush.

Hold the can of waterproofing spray six inches away from seats and spray in a sweeping motion. Spray seats thoroughly to ensure no area is missed.

Allow waterproofing spray to dry completely before using the seats.

Repeat process at least once a year to maintain waterproof resistance.


  • If your auto seats will be exposed to an extreme amount of water, use a silicone waterproof dressing instead of spray and apply by spreading with a soft brush or cloth. This dressing will give the material a slippery feel when dry.


  • If your auto seats are made of suede, nubuck or another split leather, you will need to use an acrylic copolymer spray to maintain the leather texture.

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