How to Remove the Rear Seats on a PT Cruiser

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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The Chrysler PT Cruiser has a flat floor and a removable rear seat, not found in most cars. Oddly, because of its flat floor, the PT Cruiser is actually classified as a minivan by the EPA. Removing the rear seat requires no tools; it's not a modification, it's a listed feature. If you need additional cargo capacity, remove the rear seats to help carry your load.

Step 1

Lower the rear seatbacks. The PT Cruiser has a non-split folding rear seat. Press the button on the passenger side of the seat (near the headrest); push the seatback down to lower it.

Step 2

Tumble the rear seat forward. Depress the seat cushion lever (passenger side of the rear seat cushion) and then lift the rear seat to tumble it forward.

Step 3

Open the rear cargo door. The rear seat must be removed from the rear.

Step 4

Remove the rear seat. Push down the release lever on the remaining seat latch (access it from the cargo area). Lift the rear seat from the PT Cruiser. Ask someone to help you if the seat is too heavy.

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