How to Remove a Chrysler Spin & Go Seat

by Tamara Runzel

Your family can have a bit of added comfort in the Chrysler Town & Country with their Swivel ‘n Go seating system. Chrysler added the feature to their vans in 2008, and in models that feature the Swivel ‘n Go, the captain’s chairs in the second row can now turn 180 degrees to face the third row. The seating system also comes with a table. If you want more cargo space in your van and choose not to use the seats, you can remove them completely.

Step 1

Place the vehicle in park and open the tailgate.

Step 2

Remove any items from behind the third row of seats in the van.

Step 3

Push the second button labeled “Stow” on the switch bank on the left rear trim of your vehicle to automatically stow the third row seats. If you don’t have the electronic switch bank, you can stow the third row seats manually. Lower the head restraint until it is all the way down. Pull the release strap with a “1” on it at the rear of the seat and lower the seatback, pull the release strap with a “2” to release the anchors and then pull the release strap with a “3” to roll the seat backwards into the storage bin.

Step 4

Pull up on the release bar located in the center of the bottom, front edge of the swivel seat.

Step 5

Lift up the rear of the seat cushion while behind the seat and pull the seat back.

Step 6

Remove the seat through the liftgate. It should roll out. Put the release handle back down once the seat is removed.

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