How to Remove Turn & Go Seats

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Chrysler Town and Country and Dodge Caravan minivans come equipped with a feature often called turn and go seating, although it's officially referred to as swivel and go seating. This feature adds rotating seats to the second row seating area. The swivel and go seats are captain's seats; there are two in the minivan, both side by side. These seats are removable. Removing the swivel and go seats is necessary if you need to carry extra cargo. Because of their design, they do not fold down flat like the third row seats.

Step 1

Step to the rear cargo area and open the hatch. Push and hold the "Stow" button to fold down the power third row seat. If you do not see a "Stow" button on the rear hatch cargo wall, the third row seats are manually operated.

Step 2

Use the straps to fold the seat, if it is manually operated. The straps on located on the passenger side of the third row seatback. Pull the strap marked "1." The seatback will fold down. Pull the strap marked "2" and push the third row seat forward. Pull the strap marked "3" and pull the folded seat rearward to stow in in its cavity. You'll now have enough room to remove the second-row swivel and go seats.

Step 3

Inspect the area between the second-row swivel and go seats and the third row seating area to ensure there are no loose objects that would prevent you from removing the seat. If there are, move them out of the way.

Step 4

Grasp the release bar located under the front edge of either swivel and go seat. Pull the release bar upward and hold it in place. Grasp the rear edge of the seat and lift it upward. The seat is now disconnected from the floor.

Step 5

Move the seat rearward. Bring it out of the vehicle through the rear cargo area. Repeat the process for the other swivel and go seat.

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