How to Remove the Console in a Lexus RX330

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Unlike the center console in many vehicles, the Lexus RX330's does not wrap around the gear shift knob, which makes the process of removing it a bit easier than in others. The RX330 was manufactured from 2004 to 2006. It replaced the Lexus RX300, a very similar vehicle. The center console has a storage compartment, a cup holder and an audio jack connection. With a couple of household tools, you can remove the SUV's center console in about 15 minutes.

Step 1

Adjust the front seats to move them all the way forward. Sit in the RX330's rear seat to access the center console with ease.

Step 2

Push the cup holder panel on the center console to open the cup holder door. Grasp the release handle inside the cup holder and pull the sliding part of the console rearward.

Step 3

Push the "Open" button on the center console to open the primary storage compartment. Lift the compartment liner up to view two Phillips screws. Remove them and save the screws to reinstall the console.

Step 4

Examine the sides of the center console. Each side is covered by a large panel. Pry off each panel with a trim stick or flat-head screwdriver. Set the panels to the side.

Step 5

Remove the six bolts from the center console with a ratchet. There are three bolts on each side. These will be visible when the side panels are removed.

Step 6

Lift the console up and pull it rearward to unhook it. Underneath, you'll find a large wiring harness. Unplug it to separate the console.

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