How to Replace an FX35 Cabin Air Filter

by David Clair
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The Infinity FX35 is equipped with a cabin air filter that prevents dust and allergens from entering the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Infiniti recommends replacing the cabin air filter in the FX35 every 10,000 miles, or after 12 months. Certain driving conditions will shorten the life of the filter, including dusty conditions or driving in heavy traffic. The location of the cabin air filter is the same on each model year of the FX35. These instructions pertain to the 2010 Infiniti FX35.

Step 1

Locate the two glove compartment hinge pins on the lower hinge of the glove box. Slide them outward from either side to remove them.

Step 2

Open the glove compartment. Lower it toward the floor of the FX35.

Step 3

Unsnap the cabin filter access door. Remove the access door.

Step 4

Pull the old filter toward the rear of the FX35 to remove it. Take note of the direction of the air flow indicator arrow on the old filter.

Step 5

Insert the new cabin air filter into the filter compartment. Make sure the air flow arrow that is printed on the side of the filter is pointing in the same direction as the arrow printed on the old filter.

Step 6

Replace the cabin filter access door. Press on the door until the snap locks into place.

Step 7

Lift the glove compartment back into position. Close the glove compartment. Slide the hinge pins into their slots.

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