How to Convert the Bench Seat Into a Bed on a Ford E-150 Van

by Gregory Crews

The bench seats in Ford E-150 vans were made to fold down into a bed. This feature was available in the conversion and custom packages. The seats could fold down and back to a bench seat with ease. The cargo vans did not have this option available because they did not come equipped with seats. Ensure the van is parked and the ignition is off before converting the seat.

Step 1

Locate the black lever on the back of the seat. The lever is located on the passenger side of the seat.

Step 2

Pull the top portion of the seat while holding the lever down. The seat back will lower level with the floorboard.

Step 3

Push the seat back until it locks in place. Release the handle. The seat bottom will be even with the seat back.

Step 4

Pull the handle and push the seat back to its upright position.

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