How to Remove the Air Vents on a Silverado Pickup

by Russell Wood

The air vents of your vehicle are the conduits to your A/C and heating system, which help you cool down or heat up, depending on the time of year. They get a lot of use, and they can get a considerable amount of grime built up on them, making them look gross and nasty. One way to fix the problem is to take out the vents and clean them, making them look good as new. In this case, the project vehicle is a 2001 Chevrolet Silverado. The process is similar for other vehicles.

Step 1

Start on the passenger side of the vehicle. Place the screwdriver between the air vent and the dashboard and push it into the seam.

Step 2

Twist the screwdriver to pop the vent out the dashboard. The second vent on the passenger side of the dashboard comes out the same way.

Step 3

Place your foot on the brake pedal, put the key in the ignition, turn the key to the "on" position, and put the gear shifter into the lowest gear possible. Tilt the column to its lowest position. This will allow you to remove the bezel around the radio, which contains the air vents.

Step 4

Pull the dash bezel out of the dash with your hands. The two air vents are mounted to the bezel.

Step 5

Put the gear shift back in the park position, tilt the column back and turn off the ignition.

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