How to Pass a Road Test in New York

by John Biles
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Acquiring a driver's license is a rite of passage for teenagers and adults of all ages. Each state has different rules and requirements for getting a driver's license, but one step is consistent: Prospective drivers must pass a road test as the final step. The New York State road test is typically challenging, but with practice and the correct documents, you'll be able to pass it the first or second time.

Step 1

Practice driving well before scheduling the road test. The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles recommends prospective drivers work on driving skills during the day and at night as well as in heavy traffic areas. If you are under the age of 18, you will need to have at least 50 hours of driving experience that has been supervised by an adult.

Step 2

Call the New York State DMV telephone road test automated system to schedule your test. You can also schedule online directly at the DMV website. You will need your learner permit handy as well as the MV-278 pre-licensing course certificate form or MV-285 driver education certificate form. If you schedule over the phone, make sure you have pen or pencil and paper to write down the date, time and directions to the test location. New York State does not send out confirmations by mail. The fee for scheduling the road test is $10.

Step 3

Review the online brochure, "Road Test Tips," to help prepare you for the big test. The brochure includes a number of driving tips.

Step 4

Arrive at the test location at least 30 minutes early. If you are late, the facility may not have time to add you back into the day's schedule. Make sure you bring your learner's permit for identification purposes and either the MV-278 or MV-285 forms.

Step 5

Fasten your seat belt before you put the keys in the ignition. Many people miss this step and are docked valuable points from their score.

Step 6

Relax and take your time. You will be asked to perform a three-point turn and to parallel park. The examiner will also require you to drive in heavy traffic areas and perform turns at intersections with both traffic lights and stop signs. Make sure you obey all speed limits.

Step 7

Thank the examiner regardless of whether you passed or failed. If you pass the test you will receive a temporary license that day. If you fail you will have the opportunity to take the test again anytime before your learner's permit expires. Any additional road test will cost $40.

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