Seat Belt Installation in a Ford F150

by John Johnston
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It has been statistically proven that seat belts save lives. You are legally required to have the seat belts in your Ford 150 truck up to standard. If any of the seat belts are damaged, you need to remove them and install new ones. Installing a new seat belt in your truck is a fairly simple process and can be completed in well under an hour.

Step 1

Locate the mounting bolt holes at the bottom of the seat. These bolt holes will be where you affix the anchor strap of the seat belt in-place. You can find the bolt holes on the opposite side of the seat to where the seat belt lock is located.

Step 2

Place the anchor side strap on to the seat, so that the buckle on the strap is facing the direction of the seat belt lock. Align the bolt holes on the strap, with those on the seat. Use a wrench to fix the bolts between the two.

Step 3

Grasp hold of the shoulder harness section of the seat belt, and locate the mounting bolt holes at the top corner of the seat. Secure the harness to the top of the seat belt housing with the mounting bolts.

Step 4

Attach the opposite end of the seat belt to the mounting bolt holes near the buckle. This will secure the seat belt assembly together. Place the plastic housing over the top mounting bolts, and secure it by attaching the screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Step 5

Once the work is completed, test the seat belt, by by pulling it out and inserting it into the seat belt connector, to make make sure that it connects correctly.

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