How to Remove the Third Seat in a Honda Van

by Thomas West

The Honda Odyssey minivan was introduced in 1995 and is still in production today. Seven-passenger seating and Honda's reputation for reliability give this minivan a strong following. The Odyssey's passenger capacity is made possible by a third row of seats that, when folded down, increase the cargo capacity. The third-row seating is split into two separate seats so that either side can be stowed independently of the other. Some owners find it useful to remove the third row seats completely to further increase cargo capacity.

Move the third-row seats to their upright position. Remove the center plastic cover by prying it up with the flat screwdriver. Access to the cover is easiest from the cargo compartment. Loosen and remove the three seat-attachment bolts (which should be 12 mm) underneath the cover with the ratchet and 6-inch extension.

Fold the third-row seats down to their stowed position, and remove the plastic cover at the center to reveal the center hinge bolts. Remove the plastic caps that cover the outer seat hinges and springs. There is a cap on each seat located near the base of the outer seat belts. Pull the edge of the carpet back to reveal the two bolts that hold each spring-loaded hinge down.

Remove one of the two bolts that attach the seat's outer hinge. Insert the long Philips screwdriver into the hole in the hinge stud. Use the screwdriver to hold the spring tension so that the remaining outer seat hinge can be removed. Once the second bolt has been removed, slowly release the spring tension and remove the screwdriver. Repeat these steps for the other third-row seat.

Remove the two bolts holding the center hinges in place using the ratchet and extension. Once the bolts have been removed , the rear seats can be lifted out. Use extreme care because the combined weight of the third-row seats is over 100 pounds. Once the seats are removed, replace the outer hinge covers.


  • check The right-hand third-row seat is the larger of the two rear seats; therefore, the tension on the spring-loaded hinge is greater. A special tool (though it is not required) is available from your Honda dealer to facilitate the removal of the outer hinges.


  • close You could be seriously injured if you remove the outer hinge bolts without first relieving the spring tension.

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