How to Install an Armrest in a Ford Ranger

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Ford Ranger models with the 60/40 split bench seating arrangement come with an armrest attached to the driver's side seat. If this armrest is damaged or loose, you'll need to remove it to install a new one. When installing the new armrest, ensure you purchase a compatible factory replacement. Aftermarket substitutes may not align properly unless they are specifically designed for the Ford Ranger. Expect the process of installing a new armrest to take about 20 minutes.

Step 1

Grasp the adjustment bar underneath the front driver side seat. Push the seat all the way forward. Move to the passenger side seat. Grasp its adjustment bar and push it all the way back. Sit in the passenger side seat while replacing the armrest. This allows you to access it easily.

Step 2

Push the armrest into the "up" position. Examine the bottom edge of the armrest, where it connects to the driver side seat; you'll see a bolt and a Phillips screw. Remove the Phillips screw with the screwdriver and then remove the bolt with a ratchet.

Step 3

Unzip the armrest's fabric. The zipper is closest to the passenger side seat. When you open the fabric, you'll see an additional bolt attached to the armrest cushion. This bolt attaches to the rod which attaches the armrest to the driver'a side seat. Remove the bolt with the ratchet.

Step 4

Lift the armrest up to remove it from the mount. Set it to the side. Take the new armrest and line it up with the mounting holes. Unzip the fabric to expose the rod where the large bolt goes.

Insert and tighten the large bolt. Insert the other bolt and tighten it, and then insert and tighten the Phillips screw. Zip the fabric to finish.

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