How to Add Bluetooth to Vehicles

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

Your Vehicles comes standard with Bluetooth, making hands-free calling easier than ever. All you have to do to add Bluetooth to your car is to sync your Bluetooth-capable cell phone to your Vehicles to begin using the hands-free device. Convenient, and much safer than the traditional method of talking on your phone while driving, your Bluetooth-enabled Vehicles allows you the freedom to talk without taking your hands off the wheel and your eyes off the road.

Under The Hood:

 How to Add Bluetooth to Yukon

Enter your GMC Yukon and turn on the ignition. Push the button on your dash with a photo of a phone on it. Scroll through the choices it offers until you get to the option allowing you to pair a new device with the Yukon.

Turn on your phone's Bluetooth location device. The location of this depends on the model of your cell phone. Refer to your phone's manual for assistance.

Select the option that allows your car to begin searching for Bluetooth devices. Once your Yukon locates your phone, the name of the car appears on your phone's screen and a number code appears on the dashboard screen of your Yukon. Enter the number onto the keypad of your phone and choose the "Pair Devices" choice on your phone's screen.

Push "OK" on your Yukon's dash when it asks if you are ready to download your contacts from your phone to your car. Wait while the information downloads and then exit the Bluetooth programming mode by turning off your car and exiting the vehicle. Each time you enter your car your phone automatically connects to the vehicle unless you specify otherwise.

 How to Add Bluetooth to a New Ford Explorer

Enter your Explorer with your Bluetooth-capable cell phone. Turn on the engine and push the phone button on your steering wheel, which is marked with a small image of a phone.

Scroll through the choices that pushing the phone button provide until you reach the selection titled "Pair Phone." Click "OK" and continue.

Locate the Bluetooth choice on your cell phone and turn on the Bluetooth device. Wait while your phone searches for other Bluetooth devices in the area. When your phone locates your Explorer's Bluetooth connection, it will ask if you want to connect your phone to the car. Choose yes.

Enter the numeric code that appears on your radio screen into your cell phone. Wait while your car and phone connect with each another. Once your phone is paired with your car, your contact list is downloaded into your car so that your caller ID function shows the names and numbers of your callers on your screen.

Choose whether or not to make this phone your primary phone in your car. Your Explorer can handle memory for up to seven phones, but it can only connect to one at a time. So say, for example, you and your wife are both in the car with your paired phones at the same time your Explorer needs to know which phone to connect to. The primary phone is the phone that is always connected to the car if it is inside the car.

Make a call to test your Explorer's Bluetooth.

 How to Add Bluetooth to On-Star

Press OnStar's "Push to Talk Button." You will hear OnStar say "Ready" followed by a tone.

Say "Bluetooth." OnStar will respond, "Bluetooth Ready."

Say "Pair." OnStar will give you a four-digit PIN number.

Set up your phone for Bluetooth. Every phone is different, so you will need to consult the instructions for your phone. You will need to enter the PIN number OnStar gave you into your phone at the appropriate time according to the instructions for your phone.

Say the name for your phone when prompted. You can name the phone whatever you want.

Say the name for the phone again when prompted. OnStar will say your phone's name then "has been successfully paired."

 How to Add Bluetooth in Cars

Find a Bluetooth kit for your car online or at an automotive accessory store. Generally the more expensive it is, the better the quality it will be. If you buy at a store, they may be able to install the Bluetooth kit for you, usually at an extra cost. This is recommended if you are not comfortable cutting wires in your car.

Connect the Bluetooth device to your car's audio system. If your car stereo has ISO plugs, simply disconnect the car stereo's audio and power leads. Join the female connectors of the mute cable and power supply cable to the car stereo. Join the vehicle's audio and power cables to the male connectors. If you do not have an ISO plug, purchase an adaptor, or manually splice the wires. This involves cutting the audio and power cables and physically connecting the wires to the Bluetooth control console. Consult the instructions and your car's manual to find out which wires you should splice together, as this will vary among different kits and cars.

Position the microphone which comes with the kit above the driver's seat. Fix it in place either by screwing it in or using double-sided sticky tape. It should be no more than 16 inches away from where your mouth will be to ensure clarity when speaking. Make sure you do not place it behind any obstructions such as the sun shade or rear-view mirror.

Install the control console which comes with your Bluetooth somewhere suitable on your dashboard. It should not get in the way of any of the car's controls or obstruct your view; but be in a position where you can reach and control it comfortably. You may have a separate display with your Bluetooth kit; be sure to place this somewhere you can see easily, but where it does not obstruct your view or your car's controls.

Pair up your cellular phone or other device to the Bluetooth to try it out. You will probably be asked for a code to pair the device to the Bluetooth. This should be in your instructions, but the default code is usually 0000. If there are any problems, consult the retailer.

Items you will need

  • Bluetooth audio kit

  • Car manual

  • Bluetooth compatible device

  • Screwdriver

  • Wire cutter

  • Electrical tape

  • Double-sided sticky tape

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