How to Unlock Hypertech Power Programmer

by Lisa Wampler
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A Hypertech power programmer is a tool that interfaces with the PCM (powertrain control module) or computer in your car. It uses the OBD2 (onboard diagnostic- second generation) port on your vehicle to change settings like how high your engine can rev, speed limits, gear ratios and spark timing (depending on your model of Hypertech programmer). When you first use your Hypertech programmer, it makes a copy of the factory settings of your PCM. When you use your programmer, it locks to the VIN (vehicle identification number). Until you restore the PCM settings in your car, the Hypertech chip can only be used on your car. Once you restore the PCM settings, you can use your Hypertech programmer on a different car.

Step 1

Plug your Hypertech programmer into the OBD2 on your car. The OBD2 port is usually located under the dash on the driver's side of the car. The plug connected to the Hypertech programmer only fits on the OBD2 port one way to prevent you from plugging it in incorrectly.

Step 2

Turn the key to the "on" position but do not start your car. All of your dash lights will turn on and you will notice your Hypertech programmer turning on too.

Step 3

Select "Return the Programming to Stock" to restore your car to the factory settings. Do not turn off your car while the programmer is reprogramming your PCM. Wait until the programmer tells you to turn off the car.

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