How to Troubleshoot the Bulldog Remote Starter

by Matthew Fortuna
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Remote starters are available in all different varieties for your vehicle. One such manufacturer of these systems is the Bulldog brand, which offers keyless remotes that are wirelessly synced to your system. If your handheld remote has stopped working, you can troubleshoot the device by reprogramming it to the system. You can complete this process in just a few minutes from your vehicle and the remote will be ready to use right away.

Step 1

Open the hood of your car and ground the black/blue wire on the automatic starter system.

Step 2

Enter your car and press and hold the brake pedal with your foot.

Step 3

Press and hold any button on your remote unit until the system starts clicking and flashing, and then stops.

Step 4

Wait for the unit to emit a chirping sound and the LED light on the remote to flash to confirm successful syncing, and then unground the wire under your hood to complete the process.

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