Sears Craftsman GT18 Garden Tractor Specs

by Michael Gunderson
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In 1927, the Sears Company acquired the Craftsman trademark. It began selling power tools under the Craftsman name beginning in 1929. The Sears GT 18 is an older model garden tractor used for mowing, removing snow, landscaping and other uses. Although this model is no longer manufactured, the tractor is still purchased in used condition and restored by hobbyists for their own use or to sell at trade shows or auctions.

Engine and Transaxle

The tractor has an 18-horsepower internal combustion twin cylinder engine. The power take off (PTO) shaft dimensions are 2 ¾ by 1 inch. The engine oil capacity is three pints and it should be first changed after the initial two hours of running the mower to prevent residue build up. It runs efficiently in temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit using SAE 5E30 engine oil. The all-gear transaxle has six speeds including two reverse speeds. It is equipped with an automotive type differential which prevents turf scuffing.


Blades that may be purchased for the tractor include a 46 by 48 by 17 inches dozer blade and leveler blade. The blade cutting height is 2 ½ to 2 ¾ inches. Tire pressure in the front tires must be maintained at 14psi and at 10psi in the rear tires when cutting.


The tractor is equipped with a 12-volt negative grounding system. It should not be used to jump start vehicles that do not have the same voltage. Lights on the tractor have a separate electrical source and are not connected to the battery. The electrical system includes a switch that shuts off the running engine if the operator leaves the seat. Another switch functions to prevent the engine from starting if the clutch or brake pedal is engaged.


The optional tiller has an eight-HP engine and chain drive transmission. It has six heat treated tines that are one inch in diameter. Sprayer attachments use a 12 volt electric motor that connects to either the battery in the tractor or another 12 volt source. The 50 psi wand is 20 feet and the 25psi wand is 10 feet in length. The automatic wands have adjustable spray patterns.

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