Ford 3400 Specifications

by Amanda GronotUpdated July 13, 2023
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Ford produced the 3400 model tractor from 1965 until 1975. Built in Highland Park, Michigan, this tractor was part of a completely revamped lineup of Ford tractors: the 2000 to the 4000 series. The industrial-sized 3000 tractors were the same general size and shape as its predecessors, the 2000 series, but the engine was slightly bigger and it offered more transmission choices.


The Ford 3400 tractor is available with either a diesel or gasoline engine. Both engines have three cylinders, are naturally aspirated and use a liquid cooling system. The diesel engine has a 4.2-inch bore and a 4.2-inch stroke, giving a 16.5 to 1 compression ratio. It provides 46 horsepower at 2,000 rpm and 131 foot-pounds of torque at 1,150 rpm. The gasoline engine's 4.2-inch bore and 3.8-inch stroke yield a compression ratio of 7.75 to 1. It offers 48.7 horsepower at 2,100 rpm and 128 ft-lb of torque at 1,350 rpm.


The 3400 offers four transmission options. The first has six forward and two reverse gears with a 14.4-quart oil capacity. The second also has six forward gears, but it has four reverse gears and a 13.8-quart oil capacity. The third is a dual range transmission with eight forward and two reverse gears and a 13.8-quart oil capacity and the fourth is a power shift transmission with ten forward and two reverse gears and a 12-quart oil capacity.

Dimensions and Tires

With a wheelbase of 80.3 inches, this tractor measures a total of 120.5 inches long, 64.4 inches wide and 88.8 inches tall. It clears the ground by 13.4 inches and it weighs 3,576 to 3,723 lb. when shipped. In front this tractor uses tires with a 16-inch rim; in the rear, it uses 28 or 24-inch tires. The width of these tires can vary depending on whether it is an agricultural, lawn/turf or industrial model.

Capacities and Features

The fuel tank of the 3400 can hold 13 gallons and its hydraulic system holds 6.15 gallons. This tractor has a two or four-post roll-over protection structure (ROPS), mechanical expanding shoe brakes, manual steering with an optional power assist and optional live rear power take-off (PTO).

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