Iseki 2160 Tractor Specifications

by Tim McQuade
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The 2160, also referred to as the TX2160, was a tractor produced by Iseki. The 2160 was larger than a riding mower but smaller than a standard farm tractor. It used a small 0.8-liter engine that was manufactured by Mitsubishi. At the rear lift ends, the tractor had a modest 838-lb. three-point hitch, and it could be fitted with a front loader.

Engine Specifications

The Iseki 2160 used a relatively small engine with model No. K3B. The engine ran on diesel fuel and was naturally aspirated. It had a total of three cylinders with a bore by stroke of 2.677 inches by 3.071 inches, or 68 mm by 78 mm. The total piston displacement was 51.8 cubic incjes. The engine could produce a total power of 16 horsepower at 2,600 rpm. The starter system featured an electric starter. The drivetrain used either a two-wheel drive or a selectable four-wheel drive system.

Tractor Dimensions

The two-wheel drive model weighed 1,179 lbs., while the four-wheel-drive model weighed 1,279 lbs. The total length of the tractor was 80 inches, and width was 44 inches. The tractor had a wheelbase of 50.4 inches and a ground clearance of 9.8 inches. On the two-wheel-drive model, the front tire size was 20x8.00-10 and the rear tire size was 29x12.00-15, while on the four-wheel-drive model the front tire was 5.00x12 and the rear tire was 8x18. The engine oil capacity was 3.2 qts., and the exhaust valve clearance was 0.014.

Equipment and Features

The manual transmission featured a gearbox with six forward gears and two reverse gears, giving the tractor multiple speed options in forward or reverse. The transmission oil capacity was 13 qts. The transmission design was a hydrostatic design. The electrical system sported a 35-amp alternator, while the battery was a single 12-volt with 45 amp-hours. The hydraulic system ran at 1,850 lbs. per square inch, and the total flow was 2.7 gallons per minute. The exhaust system used a single, tall-stack exhaust pipe that ran off the left side of the engine.

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