International Diesel Engine D282 Specifications

by Tim McQuade
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The D282 was a heavy-duty diesel engine manufactured by International Harvester. The company used the engine in the International Harvester 706 tractor in the mid-1960s. In subsequent years, International Harvester replaced the D282 in its tractors with a German-built 310 diesel engine. The D282 featured a 4.7-liter output that provided ample power and performance capabilities.


The D282 engine featured an in-line six-cylinder design. It had a bore of 3.68 inches, a stroke of 4.39 inches and, as the name implies, a total piston displacement of 282 cubic inches. The pistons fired in the following order: one, five, three, six, two and four. The engine used a liquid-cooled cooling system. The intake and exhaust valve clearance --- when the engine was hot --- measured 0.027 inches. The D282 engine used a single 12-volt battery.


The D282's power take-off --- a component on some tractors that provides power to auxiliary equipment --- had a rated power of 72 horsepower. The power take-off had a fuel consumption of 5.5 gallons per hour. The maximum draw-bar power was 65 horsepower and the draw-bar fuel consumption was 5.4 gallons per hour. The engine had a rated rpm level of 2,300.


The D282 came paired with a fuel tank with a 33-gallon capacity. The engine could hold a maximum of 21.5 quarts of coolant liquid, and the lubrication oil reservoir held a total of 9 quarts. It had a maximum hydraulic fluid level of 17 gallons.


When paired with the International Harvester 706 tractor, the D282 engine used a manual transmission that had eight forward gears and four reverse gears. The eight forward gears consisted of four high gears and four low gears.

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