1977 Chevrolet C30 Specifications

by Tim McQuade

The 1977 C30 was a heavy-duty pickup truck manufactured by Chevrolet. The "C" refers to the truck being two-wheel drive (a "K" represents four-wheel drive), and the 30 means the truck was a one-ton truck ("10" meant half-ton, "15" meant long bed and "20" meant 3/4-ton truck). Partner companies Chevrolet and GMC have produced C/K trucks for decades. However, the trucks are now referred to as the Sierra and Silverado.

Engine Specifications

The standard engine on the C30 was an inline, six-cylinder. The engine had a total displacement of 292 cubic inches, or 4.8 liters. The engine had a maximum power output of 126 horsepower at 3,600 rpm and a total torque potential of 219 foot-pounds at 2,000 rpm. The bore and stroke measured 3.85 inches by 4.13 inches. The engine used an overhead valve design and the cooling system utilized a liquid-cooled system. The engine ran on gasoline and used a carburetor fuel system.

For added power, a larger V-8, gasoline engine was also available that had a piston displacement of 454 cubic inches, or 7.4 L. The bore and stroke of the engine was 4.25 inches by 4 inches. Total power output measured 240 horsepower and maximum torque was 360 foot-pounds.


Total vehicle length measure 239 inches, total width measured 79 inches and total height measured 71 inches. The gross vehicle weight -- the total weight of the vehicle plus maximum payload capacity -- measured 9,800 lbs. The wheelbase measured 159 inches, while the front track measured 65 inches and the rear track measured 63 inches. The front and rear rim measured 5.50 inches by 16 inches. The minimum turning circle the vehicle could produce measured 55 feet. The maximum capacity of the fuel tank was 19.8 gallons.

Features and Equipment

This two-door pickup had seating for three passengers. The front brakes utilized a disc brake design, while the rear brakes were drum operated. Front suspension used an independent system and the rear suspension was a live-axle-type suspension design. The drivetrain of the truck was rear-wheel drive. Available transmission options included a four-speed manual or a three-speed automatic. 1977 was the first year the four-wheel, "K" model, became available in the one-ton option, creating the K30 nomenclature. 1977 was also the first year a cosmetic Sport Package became available -- it included a black grille, color-toned bumpers, white-lettered tires, rally wheels and multi-tone striping.

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