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What Brand Motor Is in a Kawasaki Mule 2510 Diesel?

by Gus Stephens

Kawasaki's Mule 2510 was a two-passenger, four-wheel drive utility vehicle that entered production in 2000. Intended primarily for agricultural and industrial use, the Mule was made of Japanese components and assembled at Kawasaki's Lincoln, Nebraska facility.

Engine Specifications

The diesel Mule was powered by a water-cooled, three-cylinder, four-stroke Daihatsu DM950D diesel engine rated 24.5 horsepower at 3,600 rpm. It gave the Mule a hauling capacity of 800 lbs. and a 1,200 lb. towing capacity. Top speed of the Mule was limited by a governor to 25 mph.

Drivetrain Specs

Power is delivered to the wheels by a continually variable belt-drive transmission with on-demand, four-wheel drive. It offers a selectable high/low range for increased traction. A dual-mode differential drove the rear axle and a limited-slip differential was installed up front.


Diesel Mules weighed 1,184 lbs. and were 75 inches long and 57 inches wide with a 6.7-inch ground clearance. Wheelbase was 73 inches.

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